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Warriors Den: Terms and conditions

At Warriors Den we believe that training should be both comprehensive, motivating and fun! Safety is one of our highest priorities, as this helps trainers to focus fully on the performances, exceeding their limits. We want Warriors Den to be a place where people come not only to train, but also to enjoy their stay! Due to these objectives, following terms and conditions must be noticed and obeyed during your stay at the Den:

  • Participation in the activities at the Warriors Den training centre always takes place on a voluntary basis!
  • Due to the nature of the sports and activities offered, every participant must fill in and sign the liability sheet. Minors under 18 years old need the signature of a legal representant or guardian. This Liability Sheet shall apply to ALL of the signatory’s future visits to Warriors Den.
  • To the extent of law, Warriors Den and its representatives will not be liable for any possible consequences of the participants actions.
  • It is the participants sole responsibility to evaluate his/her proper health and physical condition to participate in the use of activities and services provided by Warriors Den.
  • It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to participate in any activities under the influence of alcohol, illicit or prescription drugs that would in any way impair the ability to safely participate in the use of ANY activity and services provided by Warriors Den.
  • Training at Warriors Den is allowed only in indoor shoes or socks and proper clothing. Outdoor shoes and bare feet are not allowed.
  • Every participant must agree to follow the rules and instructions of Warriors Den, both written and spoken, in effect from time to time.
  • Failure to obey the rules will give Warriors Den the right to escort the undersigned participant out of the facilities, without any claim on a refund of the entry ticket.  Severe or repeated neglect or failure to obey the rules or other instructions given by Warriors Den or its representative may lead to cancelling of membership and denial of entry.

To be noticed on the training grounds and tracks:

  • Be mindful and give way for trainers moving faster on the track.
  • Always be cautious when standing on any yellow matted area, it is a movement area and you may need to way for someone in action!
  • Encouraging, supporting and helping fellow trainers is highly recommendable.
  • Put the equipment and gears you used in place after your exercise.
  • Let the personnel know, if you observe or discover any faulties or damaged things/equipment
  • Taking photos and videos is allowed in the training area, please take note of the other trainers thou! It is polite to ask permission from fellow trainers, if they are caught in your pictures.

Liability sheet

Before using our training facilities, everyone must read, understand and sign the liability waver sheet. Liability sheet can be signed on the spot at Warriors Den OR sent to us before coming to the Den with a digital signiture (applies with Estonian id-card only) to info@warriors-den.com.

Below you can find the liability sheet in language most suitable for you:

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Warriors Den
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Opening hours:

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