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Warriors Den pricelist

Single tickets:

Adults dayticket 13 EUR
Kids 3-7  5 EUR
Kids 8-14  8 EUR
Adults accompanying their children in the Kids Den           FREE

Family ticket (max. 2+2)

36 EUR

* All children coming to the Den must be accompanied by their parents or legal representant.

Membership cards

Adults 10-time card Warriors Den      99 EUR
Kids 3-7 10-time card Kids Den  35 EUR
Kids 8-14 10-time card Kids Den  48,75 EUR
Membership  52 EUR/month

6 month card (unlimited use


Student membership 

Early bird card (Mon-Sun 10-15pm)

300 EUR

44 EUR/month

35 EUR

Early bird student card (Mon-Sun 10-15) 29 EUR
Parkour membership card

69 EUR


*WD card, where the amount/service will be charged costs 7 EUR.

We are a new era training center dedicated to functional fitness in it's different forms.


Warriors Den
Call us: (+372) 51946642 (+372) 58604744
Address: Keevise 6, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
E-mail: info@warriors-den.com

Opening hours:
10:00 - 21:00


Mon-Sun 10-22