• Challenge yourself.

Obstacle course training

Put your skills and abilities on test on the different obstacle courses, with separate tracks for children and adults, as well as different levels of challenge, from beginners to more advanced trainers.

Obstacle course training is a fast -growing sports trend originating from the Japanese Sasuke Beastmaster and OCR, made worldwide known by the spectacular American Ninja Warrior (ANW) Competition series.

On our obstacle tracks you can test for example:

  • Super Salmon ladder, the infamous obstacle now double sided and up to 7,0m!
  • Warped wall in several heights, up to 4,6m!
  • Devil Steps
  • Iron Paddler
  • Spider Climb
  • Flying Bar
  • Rumbling Dice
  • Pipe Slider
  • Tilting frame
  • Etc, etc…

Our obstacle set ups are under constant development to provide our customers ever recurring challenges for everlasting development as skills develop!

We are the forefront of Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course training in Northern Europe and we strive to help our customers re-define the limits of their abilities and skills, creating a “tribe” of unbeatable athletics with everlasting grins… Hard training can be fun too!

Come test your abilities and crush your current limits.

We are a new era training center dedicated to functional fitness in it's different forms.


Warriors Den
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