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Kids Den

Kids Den opens on friday 16.11.18 at 12 pm.

Warriors Den opens KIDS DEN, a training area set for children in two age groups. One area is for children 3-7 and the other 7-14. Please take with you your good spirit and indoor shoes. Are you ready? Come and revel the true Ninja Warrior in you, we are waiting just for You!

Be sure to come, first week entrance (friday16.11-23.11) to the Kids Den is only 2 euros, parents free of charge. 


* All children coming to the Den must be accompanied by their parents or legal representant.



More information: +37254005502

Kids Den offers children from 3 years to 14 years a safe training ground where they can under proper guidance train on obstacle courses, climbing, jumping swinging and doing parkour. Exercises enhance physical development, strength, balance, movability and coordination without forgetting the fun-factor. Our instructors supervise safe use of equipment and techniques, as well as variating obstacles for the young warriors.

Unlike common amusement and action parks, Kids Den is all about sport and development, helping children to find the joy of movement and active life while offering parents some time-off. The recurring challenges, active guidance and the presence of adults training with similar challenges inspires children and gives them role models, getting them to strive for more, as they reflect themselves to the grownups.

We are a new era training center dedicated to functional fitness in it's different forms.


Warriors Den
Call us: (+372) 51946642, +37254005502
Address: Keevise 6, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
E-mail: info@warriors-den.com

Opening hours:

13:00 - 21:00