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Calisthenics & Street workout

The main training area is all about functional fitness in its different forms like calisthenics and street workout. At the most basic level, functional fitness refers to exercises that improve daily activity. The training developes both strength and coordination, while simultaneously improving balance and range of motion. In short, it’s about training for life, not events!

Calisthenics exercises are typically comprehensive, activating both major and lesser/supportive muscle groups in the same motion, thus simulating far better real-life circumstances. The wider focus helps the trainer to gain rapid improvements in movability, motion range, strength and speed, even as seasoned athletes of other genres. The training suitable for both men and women with different levels of physical abilities, sports backgrounds and experience, varying from the age of 15 to 120. Street workout is about demanding and showy skills with an acrobatic twist, which are often performed in series on a separate construction called the Bar cage.

Here at Warriors Den we will guide you into the world of functional fitness in its different forms!

Common calisthenic exercises include for example:

  • Pull ups,
  • Push ups,
  • Chin ups,
  • Muscle-ups,
  • Squat jumps,
  • Front lever,
  • Pistol squats,
  • Back lever,
  • Human flag,
  • Dragon flag,
  • Handstand,
  • Dips,
  • Hyperextensions,
  • Leg raises,
  • Planks,
  • Plank on medicine balls,
  • Shuttle runs,
  • Burpees and climbing.

Come and find out why calisthenics could be just the right training for you!

We are a new era training center dedicated to functional fitness in it's different forms.


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