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Calisthenics trainings


In the training sessions you will get guidance into the secrets of Calisthenics, street workout and obstacle course training and other skills.

Interested to learn more about Calisthenics? Are you a beginner or want to learn more, how to do handstand ,muscle ups or even human flag? 
What are the techniques behind those awesome moves and positions?

No worries, we have you covered!

Join our training sessions lead by our experienced instructors. Next trainings:

Tuesday 2.4 6.00-7.30 PM Thursday 4.4 6.00-7.30 PM
Tuesday 9.4 6.00-7.30 PM Thursday 11.4 6.00-7.30 PM
Tuesday 16.4 6.00-7.30 PM Thursday 18.4 6.00-7.30 PM
Tuesday 23.4 6.00-7.30 PM Thursday 25.4 6.00-7.30 PM
Tuesday 30.4 6.00-7.30 PM  

Registration to sessions and more info:

Price for each session is 15eur including entry to the Den, membership cardholders are welcome to train for 5eur

Max 12 trainees per training session and places will be filled in registration order. Walk -ins only if there are free places left!
Secure your place in the sessions now! Hesitation may cost you your place! :)

We are a new era training center dedicated to functional fitness in it's different forms.


Warriors Den
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Opening hours:

13:00 - 21:00